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Welcome to FeetyWeety!

Thanks for checking us out! It is always nicer when you get to know the people behind the screens, and the messages behind the products.

FeetyWeety is a brand that was built out of love. The story dates back to the 80's when my cousin and I, the founders of the store, were still young. FeetyWeety was a nickname created by our mothers. There was a tradition after giving us a shower where they would tickle our feet as we were drying off. It was a happy time with fits of uncontrollable laughter and more love than we can ask for. As they tickled us, they would repeat the word 'FeetyWeety'.

FeetyWeety Store - Mother's Hands Wrap Baby Feet

So, the word along with all the emotions it brought, stuck in our minds.

The name FeetyWeety implies unconditional love, care, warmth, and acceptance. Whenever we thought about the past, and irrespective of how difficult the present situation was, we were both filled with instant warmth and love. As our memories came rushing back, we often smiled and whatever difficulty we were facing at the time, lost its significance.

This is the message we want to get across to you, our clients and friends. We want to share our experiences with you. We want to bring you love, warmth, and smiles because if you have those, then the world is your oyster.

Though, FeetyWeety is more than this. It is a rebellious brand that dares to change and redefine the way we think about undisputed truths set by society. We want to challenge those norms and want our clients to do just that

FeetyWeety Store - Love Wins Heart Locks on Metal Rope

From sleepless nights of product design to months of sourcing suppliers, we have started creating unique products. Each product has a story and the purpose is to empower you to believe in yourself and carry on with your goals. If we can make you smile whenever you remember this story or every time you look at one of the products you got from us, then we are this much closer to achieving our goal.

We offer you a variety of the latest products designed to pamper your feet and body with the love and care they deserve. We’ve come a long way, so we know exactly which direction to take when bringing you high-quality and budget-friendly products.

We offer all of this while providing excellent customer service and friendly support. We are tired of the large brands just as much as you are. Through you, we can set new rules and define ourselves through our choices and not through the choices of others.

We are constantly monitoring latest trends in jewelry and accessories and put your wishes first. That is why we have satisfied customers all over the world.

Finally, we understand that time is the most valuable resource and thank you for trusting us and investing your time here.

We create messages, not accessories.

FeetyWeety Store - I am grateful message on a heard over a wood board



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