3 Ways Stress Affects Your Feet (and how you should avoid it)

We all know something about the impact stress has on our health and bodies. But do you know enough about stress and the effects on your feet?


If you've ever said 'my feet are killing me' then you should read on.

A lot of people we've encountered in seem to adhere to the school of thought that your pain is the physical manifestation of an underlying imbalance. Personally, there is no doubt that people with a generally negative outlook on life are more prone to sicknesses and diseases. What's more, people who are happier, tend to fall less ill during the year and enjoy quicker recovery times. You can find a good article about this from a podiatrist Here.

First - there is a direct correlation between stress and lower limb swelling. In general, people resort to cigarette smoking to deal with stress and the negative effects of cigarette smoking are directly related to decreased circulation and lower limb swelling. The problem is, getting rid of the lower limb swelling is even more difficult that quitting smoking altogether. 

So how do you fix this? For starters, the solution for lower limb swelling is to stop smoking. Alcohol consumption should be minimal while your body is getting rid of excess fluids. Decreasing salt intake is also a great way to reduce water retention. You may also want to engage in some form of physical activity 3 to 4 times a week. Surprisingly, the best exercise to reduce lower limb inflammation is brisk walking. Water is your friend, do not overdo it though, just drink enough to flush your system. Finally, getting a good foot massage is crucial. Not only does it feel good, it also actually encourages circulation by warming up the area and pushing blood in and out of the foot. You can see a short video about reflexology Here.

We have carefully selected products that will aid you in removing the toxins from your body as well as tools and shiatsu massagers that will help alleviate your pain. We invite you to take a look at our Care Collection Here.

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Second - most jobs nowadays are sedentary. If you happen to have a job where you spend the majority of your time standing up, then that's great! Human beings were designed to walk barefoot as well as spend a lot of time on their feet. So afters thousands of years of evolution, we have become increasingly sedentary causing our feet to develop small anomalies and deformities which have started to impact our health and functionality.

So how does this relate to stress? Being under constant emotional stress causes the individuals to focus more on removing the stressors (usually work or family related) and less on themselves. As a result, we become more sedentary, thus developing more physical problems which lead to being in a state of constant pain and ultimately pushes the stress levels even higher. As you can see, this circle of misery cannot be fixed and must be broken.

So what can you do if you're stuck in such a tough situation? It is definitely easier said than done, but it starts with determination and willpower. Understand that the only way to move forward in life is to be more effective at whatever it is you need to be effective at. The only way for you to be effective is to be in a balanced mental state. Stress is your invisible enemy which constantly weighs you down. Sometimes you feel as if you're carrying an extra 50 pounds on your shoulders the entire day. Ironically, this is not far from the truth. Speaking from experience, you just need to hit the reset button and engage in any physical activity. No matter what it is, start somewhere and stick to it. Your life will start getting better instantly, this is a promise.

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Third - malnutrition. And no, being overweight is not a sign of adequate nutritional intake. Stress is the culprit here again. When you are stressed, your body has decreased nutritional absorption. Add to that the fact that most people nowadays eat junk food instead of home-cooked meals because there simply is no time.

So, you've got a nutrition-starved body with an overloaded mind. The results are catastrophic. We will be focusing on problems related to the feet and legs though. The first thing you will notice is increased fatigue and constant pain in your lower limbs. You will notice swollen feet and dry skin. The nails become brittle which can lead to ingrown nails and that can lead to a whole array of different problems.

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So what can you do? Really, the best advice is to take a step back and give your mind a rest. Talk to your body, set goals together and work towards them. Start by trying to eat healthier and maybe include a multivitamin to your daily plan. Take an extra hour from your weekend to prepare your meals for the rest of the week. Cook your own meals because only then are you really able to limit the amount of chemicals, pesticides and other additives. Try to detox for a while. Drink more water, get more exercise, cut back on alcohol and stop smoking.

Jumpstart your detox with the Detox Foot Patches that contain natural bamboo vinegar which absorbs the toxins from your feet. We actually carry a wonderful brand which you can see Here. Give yourself a good foot scrub every now and then - using a good Pumice Rock is the key here. Check out our Pumice Lava Rock which is basically indestructible. That should do the trick!

We seem to think that stress is not so important just because it's invisible or we can't see it. Though, it would be very shocking for you to know that a whopping 70% of all illnesses can be traced back in one way or another to stress.

Change starts within, don't waste your health away. No job is worth your life. Make a change Today!

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