How You Can Draw Smiles Through Us


Have you ever wondered why we do what we do? How come some of us are good at one thing and bad at another? This, among other questions, keep many of us awake each night. As humans, we were never meant to be solitary creatures. Nobody can survive entirely on their own. We need each other, in more ways than we can imagine.

Scholars and activists have long held that the human race needs to come together as one before we are able to advance ourselves further. What we are doing now is increasing the gap between one part of humanity and the other. Fairness is subjective and open for debate.

Why are some of us born in privileged areas and some are not? This may not be fair, however, it doesn;t mean that we cannot do anything about it. Choice is power, and we have power.

If we all decide right now to collectively donate a fraction of our daily spendings, then we can end world hunger for half a century. If we all played a small part in helping alleviate poverty and combating global catastrophes such as hunger, then the world would be a much better place. We cannot turn a blind eye anymore.

This has brought us to find a suitable solution.  Since we enjoy creating the most innovative accessories for you, we embedded our designs with powerful messages that go against oppression, racism, hatred. Our messages support freedom, unity, and tolerance. If we are all able to spread this message to each other every day, then the long war between love and hate could be over soon.

Blonde Woman Holding African Orphan

In order to do our part in pushing this world forward, we have teamed up with one of the most active charities in East and Central Africa. The charity has already raised millions of dollars and has been endorsed by world-class celebreties such as Ronaldo, Rhianna, and many others. Their mission is to empower women, teach children and provide the basic rights of health and education to children that still don't have this. They have already built the first public hospital and have treated thousands of needy children. You can find more information about the collaboration between FeetyWeety and Shoe4Africa Here.

With every order you place Today, we will donate a portion of the earnings to the charity Shoe4Africa. This money will be distributed in the most transparent way possible. You can find out directly through the Charity's Page how they intend to spend this money. This donation adds absolutely no cost to you and does not increase the price of your order at all.

Together, we can make the world a better place and allow everyone the chance to discover what they are good at. Every human being should have access to healthcare, education, and sanitation. Only through this, will we be able to realize the unlocked potential in each other and collectively find answers for the world's most pondered mysteries.

Draw a Smile Today - Thank you from the team at FeetyWeety. 

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